Mission Statement

What is Angel Tracks?

AngelTracks is a non-profit organization that focuses on drug prevention and education with middle and high school-aged teenagers. It is dedicated to informing this population about the consequences of substance use and abuse so that teenagers can make wise decisions instead of blind decisions.

The team at AngelTracks realizes that preaching sobriety is not realistic and that we can’t make decisions for free-willed teenagers, but by educating them with family and peer-based perspectives, we hope to provide another viewpoint on this life threatening topic. Instead of relaying testimony of recovered addicts or citing statistics, AngelTracks provides a fresh, new yet, gut-wrenching perspective.

In May of 2013, the founder of AngelTracks lost her beloved cousin, Lexxa Maree Palmer, to a heroin overdose. Not only is the purpose of the organization to commemorate Lexxa, but it is also established to portray the emotional impact of such a tragedy from a family’s viewpoint; one that is rarely voiced, but that could significantly impact decisions of youth at a critical crossroads.