A day doesn’t pass when thoughts of Lexxa don’t enter my mind. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed with sorrow. It causes great pain to think that Lexxa wasn’t able to believe in the value of her life. Other days, I search for peace. I think about questions that have no simple answer, if an answer at all. On a rare occasion, I miraculously see a manifestation of her spirit and I feel joy. No matter the thought or feeling, I am grateful for each one. It keeps her close.

What Lexxa’s death has impressed upon me is the importance of relationships. Heal damaged relationships, nurture healthy relationships, and create new relationships. Reach out to people you love and listen to their stories. Human stories never grow tired. They are what connect us, so share disappointments, dreams, and most of all love.

Lexxa would want that. She would want us all to share our love.

Aunt Kristin (Kisso)