I only saw my granddaughter once or twice a year. So I missed much of her life. We had great talks when I did see her, but she never shared the pain and fear that she was going through during the last years of her life.  Most of my pain was the pain that her mother was experiencing. It is so hard to watch your child suffer with no relief in sight. Time, I believe, is the only healer. 

I think of her more now than ever as I know that I will never have another chance to hug and love her again, to hear her laughter, to see her brilliant, one of a kind smile, and to see her dance as only she could.  Looking back, I should have talked to her more and given her what comfort and support she needed to help her through her dark times. That is, if she would have been open to it. It was as if she knew that she wasn’t going to be here in the present moment very long. She lived her life to the fullest until she left us. 

Haiku:  A meteor streaking; Brilliant and golden; Gone too soon.